Getting fit for the New Year

First day back at the office after a nice Christmas break, with too much junk food and beers. Along with the first day back to work, its also my first gym session of 2019!

The past 2 years training having been very intermittant after our first child arrived (who still doesn't like to sleep much) but routine is certainly a lot more favourable now for taking the training a bit more seriously.

Today will be spent blowing away cobwebs on the cross trainer however starting next week I'll be diving head first into Jim Stoppani Full-Body Shortcut to Size

Its a fairly intense program in terms of volume so I will be starting with a fairly light weight for everything and see how I fair after the first cycle.

Probably harder than the workout program will be sorting out the diet and weaning my body of the absolute rubbish it has become accustomed too lately!

As part of cleaning up my diet I will be refraining from those tasty beers for the month of January, I'm hoping that alone will help set me on the way to my goal of getting close to my target weight of 12 stone. I have set myself some ambitious work and personal development related goals but feel my fitness goals might be the hardest to achieve, time to get the headphones on and get moving!