.net core

Always Encrypted with applications running under IIS

When configuring Always Encrypted via Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) it's easy just to right click your database or tables 'Encrypt Columns' and go from there. When developing locally this will probably be fine and everything works as expected.When running through that process on a production a…

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windows terminal

Tweaking the PowerShell colour scheme to play nice with the new Windows Terminal

I have been using the new Windows Terminal along with PowerShell Core lately and followed the latest steps from Scott Hanselman to add some nice functionality, fonts and colours to my terminal. You can read the blog post here: https://www.hanselman.com/blog/HowToMakeAPrettyPromptInWindowsTerminalWit…

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Starting the Fitness journey again as a dad with 2 young kids and a career in tech

Prior to having kids, when I had missed out on training for a pro-longed period of time, I could always reboot by ordering a batch of protein, starting a new training plan and throwing myself into a 4 day regime at the gym and before I knew it, muscle memory kicked in and I was well on my way to res…

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Azure DevOps

Auto Versioning Nuget Packages in Azure DevOps Pipelines

I have been using the 'byPrereleaseNumber' versioning strategy in my Azure DevOps pipelines for a project's libraries and we are now moving a number of the libraries to 1.0Investigating the options available I came accross the 'Counters' feature categorised under 'Expressions' within the Azure DevOp…

1 min read

Azure Web App, default deployment and KUDU/FTP strangeness...Where are my files?

I try to keep up with the pace of change on the Azure ecosystem, however missed one change that left me stumped for several hours yesterday.I was deploying a quick and dirty Web App to Azure App Service that required a periodic file drop from an Azure CI/CD pipeline.The plan was to configure the Web…

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asp.net core

ASP.NET Core MVC Action Priority using ActionConstraints

When developing API Controllers in ASP.NET Core you may run into the following error when trying to use multiple HTTP verbs of the same type in a controller (or in a base controller if using inheritence) AmbiguousMatchException: The request matched multiple endpoints. Normally the solution is to mod…

4 min read

Checking my Passwords against the 'Have I Been Pwned' database with KeePass

In light of the recent "Collection #1" Data Breach containing a whopping 2,692,818,238 rows of data that was recently uploaded to the 'Have I been Pwned' site by Troy Hunt, I wanted to update my Password Manager of choice 'KeePass' to check all of my existing and new passwords against passwords foun…

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