Jim Stoppani 'Full-Body Shortcut to Size' - Day 2 Update

Day two of my Jim Stoppani 'Full-Body Shortcut to Size' routine and performed 2 new exercises that I haven't done before.

The first new exercise was a Standing Pulldown, which is a hybrid exercise between the wide grip lat pulldown and the seated row.

You can see Jim Stoppani perform this exercise in the clip below

The next exercise thats new for me the the 'One arm high cable curl' which is great for targeting biceps - this is a bit more widely known that the Standing Pulldown but still one I haven't incorporated in any workouts before. Clip for the exercise below

Todays workout log

Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Barbell Bent Row 4 6-8 25kg
Wide-Grip Pulldown 3 6-8 45kg
Standing Pulldown 3 6-8 32kg
Straight arm pulldown 3 6-8 10kg
Dumbell Curl 4 6-8 14kg DB
Dumbell Incline Curl 3 10-14 9kg DB
One arm high cable curl 3 10-14 5kg
Hip Thrust 3 10-14 10kg Plate
Crunch 3 10-14
Oblique/Roundhouse 3 10-14

As you can see the weight is still light however there is a fair bit of volume in there and I don't want to overdo it, especially as I hadn't been getting much training done prior to starting this workout.