Getting Started with CoreBDD for. Net Core and xUnit.net

What is CoreBDD? CoreBDD is a lightweight open-source Behaviour-Driven Development framework built on-top of the popular xUnit.net testing tool that enables tests using the Gherkin language. All code is available on GitHub and packages ready to use in your project can be found on NuGet For those unf…

6 min read
asp.net core

Manually creating a Swagger document in C# using Microsoft OpenAPI.NET

If you are using the OpenAPI standard for your Rest API's on .NET Core you will probably be familiar with the Swagger tools that enable you to quickly generate definitions for your Web API endpoints. With a few lines of code you can enable Swagger and Swagger-UI using the awesome Swashbuckle project…

2 min read
currently learning

Currently Learning - Functional Principles in C#

I have been exploring functional programming lately and looking at adding some functional approaches to a sub-set of a codebase I'm in the process of refactoring, particularly around making some of the core domain model immutable to ensure less side affects and make testing easier as an added bonus.…

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