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Azure DevOps

Auto Versioning Nuget Packages in Azure DevOps Pipelines

I have been using the 'byPrereleaseNumber' versioning strategy in my Azure DevOps pipelines for a project's libraries and we are now moving a number of the libraries to 1.0Investigating the options available I came accross the 'Counters' feature categorised under 'Expressions' within the Azure DevOp…

1 min read

Azure Web App, default deployment and KUDU/FTP strangeness...Where are my files?

I try to keep up with the pace of change on the Azure ecosystem, however missed one change that left me stumped for several hours yesterday.I was deploying a quick and dirty Web App to Azure App Service that required a periodic file drop from an Azure CI/CD pipeline.The plan was to configure the Web…

2 min read