Starting the Fitness journey again as a dad with 2 young kids and a career in tech

Prior to having kids, when I had missed out on training for a pro-longed period of time, I could always reboot by ordering a batch of protein, starting a new training plan and throwing myself into a 4 day regime at the gym and before I knew it, muscle memory kicked in and I was well on my way to restoring a reasonable level fitness.

With a toddler and 7 week old at home now, along with balancing a career in tech that requires a lot of hours both on the job itself and also extra-curricular to keep up to speed with new and emerging technologies and trends, trying to find time to focus on fitness has become pretty difficult. For me, once i'm no longer training, my diet goes out the window too. Its kind of an all or nothing mindset for me which further compounds my descent into #dadbod.

My hard reset option I could lean on in the past is now no longer an option, so now I feel working on the mindset is going to be much more important. Breaking that cycle I have had for probably 20 years now, of thinking 'ah well I'm not training, no point in worrying about the diet' will have to change, its a dumb approach to take but it has always been my default.

To help get back into a healthy lifestyle, even if i'm not training as much as I would like, I'm going to start incorporating a few things, such as supplementing my daily podcast on my commute to work with something fitness related, replacing my bedtime 'Reddit' fix with a chapter from an ebook on fitness motivation to help keep me on track, and working on my nutrition by creating a meal prep plan for the week ahead.

Proposed Action Plan for the next few weeks:

- Reading - Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew
- Podcast - Fit Dad Podcast
- Meal Prep (2 x cheat meal)
- Exercise (30 minute run, 1 or 2 days)
- Gym workout (45 minute, 1 day)

I feel if i can get a number of weeks following the above plan, it should hopefully help start changing my mindset back towards getting fit and healthy. If i'm not getting to exercise as much as I would like, I will hopefully start feeling healthier and less lethargic just be cleaning up my diet

Ill try post my progress (or lack off) over the next few weeks.

Wish me luck!